SMPBP 2017 has assembled an international faculty of experts in the field of biophysics investigation. 

The preliminary scientific program of the Symposium includes the following areas:

1.            Neuronal regulation of smooth muscle function.

2.            Brain-muscle axis: from molecules to functions.

3.            Regulation of smooth muscle function by endothelial and interstitial cells.

4.            Receptors, ion channels and the mechanisms of action of neurotransmitters on smooth muscles.

5.            Calcium homeostasis, signalling and ion transport in smooth muscles.

6.            Microbiome, secretion and gastrointestinal motility.

7.            Excitation-contraction coupling and mechanics of smooth muscle contraction.

8.     Physical and chemical factors affecting visceral and vascular smooth muscle function (hypoxia, stretch & myogenic tone, temperature, pH, physiological gases, pungent compounds etc).

9.            Smooth muscle metabolism, bioenergetics, and metabolic diseases.

10.         Smooth muscle function and dysfunction.

11.         Bioenergetics support of visceral functions.

12.         Teaching Physiology, Biophysics and Pharmacology, public engagement and outreach.


Be part of the Symposium that will be a forerunner in analysis, interpretation and translation of data and knowledge relating to Smooth Muscle Physiology, Biophysics and Pharmacology.